Thursday, January 8, 2009

Temple Elephants

Many temples in South India have elephants that are part of religious festivities and ceremonies held at the temple. They carry the images of the deities in procession and at other times will receive offerings and give blessings. Its pretty thrilling to be blessed by the elephants. The elephants are loved and especially revered and inturn form deep bonds with the Mahuts who care for them. The Mahuts practice most days taking the elephants around the procession path.

Temple Elephants are painted in watercolor. (8 1/2 x 11") I have several photographs taken over the years and many happy memories of seeing the elephants in the temples. I had been thinking of painting them for several years now and finally got to it in the past couple of days. I used parts of at least three pictures and sketches from my collection to get this image and hope to paint a bigger one with a temple background soon.

I cannot end this blog without posting a link to a heart warming story of elephant friendship that was the topic of a story on CBS evening news just a few days ago. Enjoy

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