Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Special

Sunflower  watercolor on Yupo 11x14"
One more Yupo experimentation. I used only watercolors, brush and misting with water (thats the summer special!) this time for this painting. Blotting with balled up paper towel I had on hand to remove excess water or paint also added some interesting textures and lines.  The center of the flower was fun to create by dropping a color, misting and dropping another color and watch the textures happen .  I was able to lift the color to show the  sunlight streaking between the petals and the flower head. Next time I hope to come up with a   composition that will lend itself even more to the mingling of colors and challenge myself to find ways to make textures :) 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Glow in a Glass

Lemon Glow digital photography
Last week, this glass of water with a slice of lemon caught my eye as I sat resting my feet towards the end of fun wedding reception I was attending and out came my camera as I clicked away merrily catching the glow in the glass. The digital camera with its ability to preview helped me play with the composition and settings until I was satisfied.

Check out some beautiful photographs in the online exhibit of Princeton University's Art of Science 2010 Gallery. Since the first exhibit in 2005, Art of Science showcases stunning and simply amazing photographs that were captured in the process of scientific research and not as 'art for art's sake'. The web site says that the 45 winning images from 115 submissions from 20 departments by students, faculty, research staff and alumni were 'chosen for their aesthetic excellence as well as their scientific or technical interest.' This year's theme is "Energy." And of course, according to an article in physorg.com the odd amounts in 'cash prizes were derived according to the Golden Ratio a mathematical proportion that has been found in aethetically pleasing designs from seashells to Ancient Greek Temples" Be sure to check their archives of previous years' exhibits for some most extraordinary and stunningly beautiful images.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Resplendent on Yupo

Resplendent watercolor on Yupo 11x14"
Last week I tried out watercolors on synthetic Yupo paper. It was a fun experience full of surprises. The water flows and just 'sits' on the slick surface so I could tilt, push and let the watercolors mingle and produce or lift patterns. I did minimal sketching and had to learn by trial and error how to work the paint on the very smooth surface and how much water to use. It was easier once I discovered that watercolors flow better if I first paint with water and then drop the colors. I had to watch out and not overdo patterns with brush strokes. The paint could be easily removed which was both a plus and a disadvantage since I could easily takeout deliberately or inadvertently what I had already painted with a swipe of a damp brush! I found it hard to paint details. I also learned to be patient and wait. It was important not to disturb an area I liked till it fully dried. I really like how the colors seem to be brighter and bolder on the Yupo paper. Looking at the painting now, I realize I only used brush, water and paint and really did not make full use of the surface to mingle the colors or get free flowing patterns and also use plastic wrap, salt or alcohol for textures. I also see that I need to give up my urge for control and let the surface do its thing :)

In my research about working on Yupo paper I read that once I know I have 'finished' the painting it should be sealed several thin coats of a fixative spray. A quick search on Google produced a wealth of information on how to paint on Yupo including video clips on YouTube. I really enjoyed my first experience and excitedly looking forward to playing more with yupo!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Lost in Notes

Melody Meditation watercolor 12x9"
I did a detailed sketch of this musician on a full sheet of watercolor paper and it has been waiting to be painted for a couple of months now. Before that, I sketched him on full sheet of drawing paper trying to work out the composition. But I am still hesitating to start the painting. So a few days ago to shake off the reluctance, I did a fast and loose watercolor of just his head in under an hour to see if I can capture his 'lost in notes' expression.

I saw and heard this musician one late night on the streets in India last year as he played his instrument along with a host of others in a procession. They were all accompanying a parade of people taking a icon of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god to be immersed in the lake after a month long festivities. I was impressed by his total immersion in the music even as he was in the middle of huge noisy street jamboree. Indian music traces its origins to the vedas and is seen as the pathway to reach higher consciousness. He seemed to embody how music touches the heart and elevates the mind.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

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