Thursday, July 18, 2019

VMN Nature Journal: Plant walk

Plant Walk Nature Journal by Meera Rao 

Going on nature walks always leaves me very humbled.  The beauty and variety in nature is just mind boggling!!  I know nothing about almost all of them but I am totally in awe of it all.

I noticed the tiny Partridge berry plant for the first time during the plant walk arranged by the VMN Class. I had seen the Lady slipper Orchid Cypripedium acaule before but studying it up close and reading about it I discovered that native Indians named them Moccasin flower and used the roots medicinally as a remedy for nervousness, tooth-pain and muscle spasms!  

Plant Walk Nature Journal by Meera Rao 

I sketched these at home mostly from photographs I had taken during the walk as there was no time to observe and draw during the walk.  I kept the samples of the grass that our instructor had used to show the difference. 

Plant Walk Nature Journal by Meera Rao 

During the plant walk for the VMN class, I also learned "Sedges have edges, Rushes are round and grasses are hollow - what have you found? "  

Plant Walk Nature Journal by Meera Rao 

Learning to distinguish among Sweet gum, Sycamore and Maple leaves was an interesting exercise! I still need to look at the tree and its vicinity for clues to identify them! I had discovered 'seeing eyes' when I first started keeping a journal during my trips to India and now keeping a nature journal I am learning to be much more observant of small details! 

Monday, July 8, 2019

VMN Nature Journal : Mateson Trail

Matteson Trail Nature Walk  color pencils by Meera Rao 

Matteson Trail Nature Walk  color pencils by Meera Rao 

These sketches are from my VMN Nature Journal.  Most days I walk for my exercise especially if it is a beautiful day.  On this particular day right at the start of the trail I stepped on  sweet gum pods that were littered all over, slipped and fell. I still walked about a mile and back and that was not a wise thing to do considering my weak many times sprained ankles. Back at home, nursing the ankles, keeping them elevated, I kept busy sketching the few things I had collected and photographed. 
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