Thursday, October 31, 2019

Showing My Art at Poquoson Public Library 2019

 My Paintings at the Poquoson Library October 2019

My Paintings at the Poquoson Library October 2019

Tell your own story
you will be interesting 
-Loiuse Bourgeois

Today I am posting on the blog the wall display that has been at the Poquoson Library for the month of October. It has been really wonderful to get updates from the staff at the Library about how much they and the patrons have been enjoying the art. This venue is a special opportunity to happily show my explorations and experiments of the past year :) 

The library is a special place for me - I absolutely fell in love with libraries many years ago when I first moved to the USA. I was in heaven - to be able to browse through the stacks and check out just about unlimited books and materials !!! I went on to graduate school for a masters degree in Educational Media with certification in Library.   

This month flew by before I realized I had not posted anything on my blog :(  I am finally off the 'boot' and walking on my own two feet! I hope to back into the rhythm of life and start posting again every week.  I have been painting and sketching pretty consistently and hope to extend that to showing my art as well.  
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