Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sound Reflections

Sound Reflections 3 watercolor by Meera Rao

Procession of people full of exuberance, in colorful costumes, playing music with shiny instruments stopped me on my tracks.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the first thing I noticed were all those reflections in the instruments. I was fascinated how the colors and reflections vibrated on the polished metals.  The need to capture the moment was immediate  :)

Sound Reflections 2 watercolor on hot press by Meera Rao 

These are two miniatures I painted along with Sound Reflections1  All three were in the  "Small Works- Miniatures by the Tidewater Artists " show at the Charles Taylor Arts Center in Hampton from Oct 25-Nov 30 2014.  

If you wait for inspiration you'll be standing on the corner after the parade is a mile down the street.
~Ben Nicholas

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Catoptric Bends of Lighted Sound"

Sound Reflections 1 color pencils 4"x4" by Meera Rao 

This is one of my three pieces that was selected for the "Small Works- Miniatures by the Tidewater Artists " show at the Charles Taylor Arts Center in Hampton from Oct 25-Nov 30 2014. ( I know I am way late in posting! )  Poets were invited to write a poem inspired by the artworks in the exhibition and the Arts Center hosted a poetry reading on Oct 30th in the galleries. Below is the poem by Dave Lego and I am thrilled that my piece inspired him  :)  The link on the title of the poem should take you to the audio recording of the poet reading his creation.  Please let me know if the link does not work -- I have been working on embedding mp3 links on my blog which has been harder than I imagined.  My heartfelt thanks to Dave  for this poem.  

Sound Reflections 1

catoptric bends of lighted sound
golds and bronze, greens and blues
bright brassy banded all around
a field marches to rousing hues

hear the crowd in white-bleached stands
hear teenagers shouting loud approval
hear percussion, horns, marching band
hear Americana just being youthful

batons spin air from majorettes
pom-poms shaking pretty cheerleaders
believing it's as good as it gets
with play-by-play from a loudspeaker

half-time show a steeped tradition
for a hundred years or thereabouts
you may think of a better addition
but truth is, i have my doubts

© Dave Lego 2014-11-25

ekphrastic for 2014-11-30 at
the Charles H. Taylor Arts Center
for Meera Rao's "Sound Reflections 1"

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