Friday, January 23, 2009


This is the companion piece for Low Tide - also done in color pencils.  Most of my subjects are things I encounter in my daily life and rendered in 2-D.  Sculptures and other three dimensional art fascinate me. Recently Scientific American had an article and slide show on seemingly impossible sculptures.  According to the article these "impossible sculptures can only be interpreted (or misinterpreted as the case maybe) by the visual mind. All of the accompanying slides show real objects. No photographic manipulation has been used. "  These artists remind me of  M.C. Escher.


MaryLouArt said...

Hi Meera,
It was so nice to meet you today in the Arts Alive Gallery. I love your color pencil drawings! The blog space is attractive.

Take a look at my monthly column on creativity at
You can add it as a link if you like.

all the best,
Mary lou Johns

meera said...

Thank you Mary Lou, for visiting my blog. The Arts Alive Gallery is quite inspiring. I enjoyed visiting your websites too --you are an impressive artist and a coach. Good luck with your book!

Heera said...

This crab looks like a little flower bud peeking out of a leaf. Great job with the shadows.

meera said...

Thanks! - I like your description!

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