Saturday, November 22, 2008

Painting Everyday Things

Today I went to see "American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell" at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Va.   Its a rich, wonderfully curated exhibit on Rockwell's artistic legacy. Its amazing to see how much research, detail and preparation went into each of his paintings. His large oil paintings are a treat to see. Rockwell makes the everyday scenes seem exotic.  My favorite is the very powerful "Southern Justice."  

Her Passion  is my humble attempt to paint my dear Mother-in-law on one of her rounds in her small garden.  Its done in watercolors and color pencils. 


Asha said...

Dear aunty,
I could tell it was dommi even without reading your comments! It is so real and full of details,I love the way you painted dommi's posture and her walking stick!!
Wish I could paint like that!

good luck and keep going!!


meera said...

Thank you -- happy that you like it. You are an artist too - and the Tanjore paintings you do are so exquisite!

littlegreenmango said...

It's domma! The walking stick is a classic!

meera said...

Thank you :). I am always thankful when I achieve the likeness that is recognizable. I am glad you like it .

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