Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Introspection and New Beginnings

One Vain Line pencil by Meera Rao

These sketches and photos are from my Smithsonian Engagement Calendar upcycled to pandemic diary year 2 (2021) and year 3(2022). I am way behind in posting and now determined to pick up and continue!   

 'One Vain Line'  is a self portrait sketch done in one continuous line for a challenge in 2020 which then was in a show at the Charles Taylor Visual Arts Center in Hampton.  I decided to frame it with the torn edge of page showing.  That was the week I was assembling the matt and the frame for the show. I took the above photo to check and see if framing it like that will work - I think it does :)  For the art journal I did a reduced size photocopy of the original sketch and glued it to the page.

Smithsonian Engagement Calendar Week 16, 2022
April 10-16 2022

The photo in the Smithsonian Engagement Calendar 2022 is "Guardian" 1990 Silver Gelatin print by Earlie Hudnall Jr. Its from Smithsonian American Art Museum.  "In 'the Guardian' a father enfolds his young daughter as they stand along a street reflected in the mirrored lenses of his glasses. The American flag tucked behind his ear suggests that in addition to warmth and affection, he is passing on a sense of community and patriotic pride."

'Visu kani"  in watercolor, ink  and silver pen By Meera Rao 

April 14th is 'Visu' celebration of the start of the 'New year' in many communities in India that follow the solar calendar.  A 'kani' is assembled in the puja room near the alter, the night before with seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers on a plate with dry uncooked rice and a mirror in the middle that is decorated with jewelry. First thing on the morning of Visu after waking up, we light the lamps and look at our own face surrounded by the abundance from nature. This is to symbolize the wealth, prosperity and health we wish upon our selves in the coming year. Looking at our face in the mirror surrounded by the fruits, flowers, vegetables and jewelry is also a reminder that we are all part of the same nature and are one with the universe.  It is also to affirm that we need to be good stewards of the nature to prosper.    

Smithsonian Engagement Calendar Week 16 2021
April 11-17, 2021

The work on the opposite side is the page 'Bound Console' is by Rachael David- from the Smithsonian Craft Show.  

I am hoping this post will reset a new beginning for my routines and I get back to blogging regularly !

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ashok said...

Yes, hope to see your blog getting busy again 😀

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