Thursday, May 18, 2023

Eco Art Art Box : Celebrations

Sri Rama-Sita Kalyana by Meera Rao 

I made this box as a 50th Wedding anniversary gift recycling an empty mouth freshener mint box :)  I used watercolors, micron pen,  markers and Pitt pens to draw and decorate the Sri Rama Sita Kalyana (wedding) portrait.  I used different Japanese washi tape with gold accents for front and side covers as it was for a golden wedding anniversary! Back cover was a simpler Japanese washi tape. It was a challenging yet fun project that I did past December but forgot to post it. 

Eco Art Box Front Cover

Eco Art Box Side

Eco Art Box Back Cover

I found this beautiful quote on love said to be from Ramayana. But I could not find the original. I will grateful if anyone can enlighten me about it and please put it in the comments. 

 Blow O Wind, to where my loved one is.
Touch him and come touch me soon.
I'll feel his gentle touch through you 
and meet his beauty in the moon.
These things are much for the one who loves.
One can live by them alone:
that he and I breathe the same air
and the Earth we tread is one.

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