Sunday, November 20, 2022

Star And Warrior

Brand New Baby Grand Daughter watercolor by Meera Rao

The baby is a year & half and finally I get around to post this little sketch from 2021!!  At least I did sketch it more than a year ago. I love it that this is being posted on the 14th Blog Anniversary! I wish I had a better image. I hope I will sketch many more as she grows up to fully realize her wonderful potential. 

Smithsonian Engagement Calendar Week 15 2021

The Kiowa Battle dress c 2000 by Vanessa Jennings (Kiowa/Pima) is "similar to those worn by female relatives of the warrior members of the Ton-Won-Gah, or the Kiowa Black Leggings Society. The yellow patches with the horse heads indicate a Vietnam War veteran from the US Army's first cavalry." I actually had not paid any attention to this photo on the opposite page in the upcycled sketchbook - the Smithsonian Engagement calendar 2021- while I sketched my grandbaby. It is one of the very few times I totally ignored the image in the engagement Calendar until it was time for me write about it in the blog :)
Star Magnolia from Japan At the national mall 

We planned the visit to DC to coincide the cherry blossoms in full glory. As we were walking around checking out various pockets of cherry blossoms around the National Mall area, I came across this marker on on of the star magnolia tree marking the gift from Japan many many years ago! 

Smithsonian Engagement Calendar Week 15 2022

"The strappy petals of Magnoliastellata's flowers give this tree its common name- the star magnolia. Endangered in its native Japanese range, it is commonly planted in gardens for its beauty." And I found this one near the Capitol grounds.   

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