Saturday, March 13, 2021

#oneweek100people2021 day5

#oneweek100people2021 #81-85

100 people sketched !!! I am happy with my efforts this year.  I am more confident in my sketching, faster in getting the shapes and lines down, and also have managed to fill in the gaps when the subject moves on. 

#oneweek100people2021 86-90

I still take and keep photos handy to refer and check. It is fun when the sketching goes smoothly :) 

#oneweek100people2021 91-93

It took me about 30-40 minutes to sketch these people at the dealership finalizing the purchase of a car. I was sitting far enough to watch them and sketch leisurely as I knew they would be there a while filling out forms etc.  I even managed to include the desk, computer, and a bottle sanitizer :) 

#oneweek100people2021 94-100

Icing on the cake was sighting a Penny Farthing bike on the trail on my walk. I sketched that mostly from memory as the photo I took was blurry. I was confused to see the small wheel in the back - so I googled  images and  discovered this bicycle is different from a unicycle ! 

The trail we walked circles a golf course and there were many golfers out enjoying the day. 

On the whole I feel a sense of accomplishment. Next time I hope to use watercolors . 



Sadami said...

Dear Meera, really congratulations!! Please enjoy the achievement and keep enjoying figures. I love drawing figures. Best wishes, Sadami

ashok said...

Excellent sketches

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