Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Evil Eye, Hungry Mouth

India Sketch journal 2013 page 23 by Meera Rao 

Whether it is protection from evil eye or hungry cows and goats, there is a way to safeguard what you cherish - be it magic, superstition or a practical solution!

India Sketch journal 2013 July 21 by Meera Rao 

These red masks of fierce looking faces with horns and a scorpion on the tongue can be bought on the road side from migrant artisans who camp on the sidewalks, establish a workshop and a set up a retail outlet right there :)  The whole family pitches in to make the masks from molds to which they pour plaster of paris or clay, paint and then sell them in various sizes. The masks are bought to place on  houses, buildings, and new construction sites.  What caught my eye was that the sidewalk makeshift enterprise selling talisman masks had a classic talisman of its own - that of seven green chili peppers and lemon hanging so that no evil eye is cast on this thriving business ! Please do click on the colored phrases above and you will be able to see my sketches from my art journal 2012 :)

India Sketch journal 2013 July 22 by Meera Rao 

This is little sapling by the roadside had its own fence to fend off the hungry cows and goats that wander the streets.  The effort was worthwhile as the plant still had its leaves and was showing signs of growth! The tragedy sometimes is that the sticks from the little fence can also disappear - to be used for kindling by someone.   I was attracted to the geometry of the lines, the organic shapes of the leaves, the colors and had to record it in my sketch book. 


padmaja said...

Both are lovely Meera, I am always curious to see what is your next observation, the ones that are mostly neglected to be observed/enjoyed by a common man.Yes, the bamboo barriers are really effective and it helps the plant to grow without being eaten.But then people like me have kept some plants outside the compound wall, for cows to have their yummy lunches :-)

Meera Rao said...

Thank you Padmaja! It's pretty neat that you have plants as yummy lunches for cows! But we need those barriers for those plants too for the sake of greener environment . I guess your consideration really helps !

Katherine Thomas said...

I'm encouraged to see that some cultures still have family traditions and things that they do together. I worry about our own culture and how so much of that family bonding time has gone by the wayside. Even when families are together in the same room, they are not sharing themselves with one another. Your wonderful drawings and written entries could help a lot of people see how precious the traditions of one's culture truly are! Wonderful post, Meera!

Meera Rao said...

Thank you Katherine!I guess we have to see the positive and say at least they are in the same room which means there is still hope :)

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