Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Moving slow But Changing Fast

India Art Jornal Aug 30 by Meera Rao
It is not unusual to see cars and cattle sharing the road. The bullock carts have been around since ancient times and still used to transport people or cargo when modern vehicles are too expensive or even not supported by the existing roadways. Googling I discovered these are called as carretas in Costa Rica, and Mexico.  Check out this clip of Punjabi style bullock cart racing or read a delightful little story here :)  There are even schemes "Rent a Bullock cart" for farmers who can not afford a cart  but do have live stock to pull them. 
India Art Journal aug 29 by Meera Rao
There are some grand old houses in the neighbourhood with beautiful ornate wood decorations on the varanda rooflines, pillars, doors and window awnings. This particular house is very elegant and was undergoing renovations when I first saw it. Now it has been somewhat hastily but not completely  restored and convereted to a young boys hostel.  The blue boxes are the newly retrofitted electrical fuse boxes and did you notice a switch between the door and the window?
Below are the full journal page look at the sketches from Aug 27,28.29.30 : 
India Art Journal Aug 27,28,29, 30 by Meera Rao
 And one more page: ( my ancient computer here has decided it won't justify the margins nor give me a bigger size of the photo below.... sigh!  but then its letting me post :)
India Art Journal Aug 23,24,25,26 by Meera Rao


Hema P. said...

I have a catch in my heart watching your drawings--especially the one with the old house with its intricate carvings. Maybe because it reminds me of my grandparents' villages!

It's such a gift to be able to view the world perpetually through the eyes of an artist, Meera!

Meera Rao said...

Hema, thanks! Those houses are so beautiful and elegant ! I imagine their splendor when they were all first built ! I am so happy that you are enjoying the sketches. It has been the most unexpected pleasure for me to sketch and record every day during this trip - and I am pleased to have done it 98 days in a row so far. ( as I have said before, I am way behind in posting! ) and thanks again for your lovely comments.

Crystal Cook said...

I so love this peek into your sketchbook Meera. :) And that gesture of the boy on the bullock cart is perfect. Really well done friend. :)

Meera Rao said...

Thank you Crystal :)It has been therapeutic for me to have been sketching every day. Now I have a nice momento of my trip :)

padmaja said...

What a beautiful ancient house Meera, hope it retains its flavor with the new residents!
I am hoping to see some sketches relating to Kaveri water issue.. today how was the Bandh!

Meera Rao said...

Padmaja, thank you ! Kaveri bandh protests left no activity in our area except for kids playing cricket on the empty streets ;) and I saw a few ladies returning with colorful water pots that I saw next day in paper were part of women protesting the water distribution and scarcity.

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