Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meditation on Light

A Day In the Life  colorpencils

The Fiction Project, A Day in the Life is slowly taking shape.  I am learning as I sketch and the most important lesson seems to be to keep it simple which obviously is not as easy as it sounds!  The quote in this sketch is an ancient chant "Gayatri mantra" from the Sanskrit Rig Veda to the Sun diety, the giver of light and life. Whenever I see a sunrise, I am moved by the beauty and reminded of this chant.  The English translation reads: We meditate on the beautiful light - may it guide and inspire our intellect in the right direction."  


padmaja said...

It is a really lovely piece you created Meera,I like it being related to Gayatri mantra..loved the bottom quote and you know, no two humans as well:-)

meera said...

Thank you Padmaja :) Yes you are definitely right about humans !!!

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