Friday, March 4, 2011

In Blue Jeans with Gold Embroidery

A day in the life- In blue jeans with Gold Embroidery
color pencils 8"x10"

I have been nervously working on The Fiction Project and it is taking me a lot lot longer to complete each page than I anticipated. When I was testing the paper I was mainly concerned with how much of the work was going to show through on the  reverse side of each (thin) page. I discovered it is much more than  my experiments showed -especially since I find myself  coloring in layers. To my dismay, the colors tend to smudge on this paper and I am spending more time than I care to, cleaning up the mess.  But, as I struggle with the  narration and the illustrations, I have developed an enormous respect for writer-illustrators. What was I thinking when I signed up?  

On a much happier note, I have been tagged by  Sanctified Spaces  with an award and I am deeply touched.  I extend my  heartfelt 'thank you' for the honor :)

The rules of this award consist of revealing 7 things about myself and then passing the award on to seven others.

1. I think I already reveal too much about myself in my blog :)
2. My list of books to read is too long and the stack by my bedside is too high. I know I will never catch up!
3. I have way too many art and craft supplies (and books).
4. I am always in awe of all musicians, artists and dancers.
5. And athletes! 
6. I like to go on walks.
7. Chocolate rules!

And my nominees are :


Sanctified Spaces said...

Such a lovely painting.Next time ur in Chennai,drop in a line.Nice to read up more about you.

meera said...

Thanks!!! I wanted to drop a line this time but the flu put a monkey wrench in my plans :(

Hema P. said...

Congratulations on the award – you definitely deserve it!! And thank you so much for passing it on to me. I am honored!

As for today’s sketch, I’m amazed at the details your eye catches! It looks so lifelike. All the best for your book -- I am sure it will turn out to be fabulous! :)

I have an ever-growing list of books to read, too. And I would hate it if ever I caught up :).

meera said...

Thank you!! and I am happy you feel honored. yes, I too would feel lost if I caught up with my reading list :)

Kathy Staicer said...

What a beautiful drawing. I love the colors and the combination of the everyday with the riches of gold.
Thank you so much for passing on the award to me. I feel very honored. I will respond to it over the next few days. And thank you again.

meera said...

Thanks kathy! i am glad you like the art work and the award :)

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