Monday, July 27, 2009

Where the East and West Meet

Merhaba! We just returned from a week long trip to Turkey - spending the bulk of our vacation in Istanbul, the city of two continents. The minarets and the domes telegraph the exotic and the excitement that is buzzing just beneath the skyline. The digital photograph above is of the view from our hotel, taken at sunset the day we landed. Over the week, we soaked in the long history, the amazing architectural splendors, the vibrant culture and the beauty of the place. We spent the bulk of our time in the 'Old Istanbul' a UNESCO designated World Heritage site packed with so many layers of wonderful things that we barely scratched the surface. A copy of Lonely Planet Turkey and Noble Prize winning Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul -Memories of a City helped me get better acquainted with the place.

View of Blue Mosque digital photography


Anonymous said...

Nice one. I've heard a lot about the structural beauty of Turkish monuments and mosques, no wonder though after the Roman, Byzantine and Islamic history it has had. I think it certainly fits in the '50 places to see before you die' list!

meera said...

Yes Nikhil -- history was what made us visit there -- And my husband always wanted to go see 'Constantinople" :)

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