Saturday, January 26, 2013

Daily Excitement

India Art Journal Oct 18-21 2012 by Meera Rao

The last ten days of my four month stay was really hectic and it was rather difficult to make time for the daily sketches.  I became adept at quickly sketching something for the day and postpone the coloring with watercolors to when  I had more time.  I think my Mother-in-law was as pleased as I was that I had maintained a sketch a day habit throughout my stay!

India Art Journal oct 18 2012 by Meera Rao
The yellow flower laden Acacia trees always brightened my day -especially when overcast skies stretched for days! The petals leave a carpet of yellow underneath the trees and brings a sense of sunshine  on such days :) 

India Art Journal oct 19 2012 by Meera Rao

Overcast or not, there is always work to be done. These two road construction ladies were filling pot holes.  It was easier to capture their movements as they were working manually and very slowly with hot tar/damar.  

India Art Journal oct 20 2012 by Meera Rao

The small house lizard stakes out its victims in the corner of a wall coming out at dusk.  It has pink and blue translucent skin. The big toes with suckers hold on to the wall as it waits to unfurl its tongue  at the unsuspecting little insects.  The lizards are left alone as long as they don't hang out in or near the kitchen!  

India Art Journal oct 18 2012 by Meera Rao

I spent the last week with my parents and my brother.  Their dog Rowdie is a 'rescued' street dog - it has claimed my brother's family as his own.  He loves to watch the street activity from the second floor balcony and alerts everyone to the comings and goings of the street vendors and of course other dogs :)

Below are the last of the sketches that need individual spotlight. I wrote about them in my earlier post Playing, Working, Dreaming, Playing. 

India Art Journal Aug 20 2012 by Meera Rao

India Art Journal Aug 19 2012 by Meera Rao

India Art Journal Aug 21 2012 by Meera Rao

India Art Journal Aug 22 2012 by Meera Rao


Lisa Graham Art said...

Wow...4 months...and what a treasure you have have a book to publish I would think! I am so happy I saw your post today...the natural beauty of the women working on the potholes and the doggy...your sketches have truly been a joy to follow! Congratulations on staying with it all this time Meera!

Introverted Art said...

I always love your renditions of people on the streets, the women doing daily chores...

Crystal Cook said...

What a collection of your trip! I love how each one of these is absolutely bursting with life. I think this was the best idea Meera. my favorite one is the lizard. :) But I don't think I could let one stay in my house! Eeeeks!

padmaja said...

Meera, I am sure it was a fantastic trip, personally and creatively. Rowdie seems to be an amazing name for the doggie, so cute he looks from the balcony. But I can't stand lizards, not even virtually, had to quickly scroll down, something happens to my mind when they are around :-)

Meera Rao said...

Thank you Lisa :) It has been wonderful for me too to be able to share my sketches in my blog!

Meera Rao said...

Ana, Thanks! I have seen things I don't normally 'see' because I used my 'sketching eyes' this trip :)

Meera Rao said...

Thank you Crystal! I can see the connection for you- having three boys and liking lizards :) I won't let them in my kitchen --but elsewhere they are ok --since they eat other pesky insects !

Meera Rao said...

Padmaja, Thanks ! i can understand about being squeemish about lizards -- but they are beautiful creatures to watch ;)

Sadami said...

Hi, Meera,
Wow, so beautiful colours and lovely sketches. Your work has a wonderful unique style.
Keep up!!!
Best wishes, Sadami

Meera Rao said...

Thank you Sadami :) Always a great pleasure to see a comment from you!

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