Saturday, December 15, 2012

Everyday Rhythms

December Artist of the Month at Poquson Public Library - Meera Rao 

I am very grateful for a chance to display my paintings like this at our library - it always validates my journey as an artist.

 India Art Journal Oct 2-5 by Meera Rao 

On Oct 5, I did my 100th sketch in the India Art Journal :) The whole week before and after I felt a real sense of accomplishment for having sketched every day for one hundred days in a row!!! By then, it had definitely gotten easier to sketch each day once I figured out what to sketch! In a way I am also glad that dividing the paper into four and sticking to the pre-determined size also made it simple decision for me to just find time to squeeze in  sketching in my tight schedule each day.  At times I felt disappointed that I hadn't thought of a more creative way to sketch each day -- but it sure helped me stay with my goal of sketch a day for the four months in India!  As the Indian  philosopher poet  Aurobindo remarked : "Consistent practice of an art in the end constitutes a kind of Yoga "

India Art Journal Oct 2 2012 by Meera Rao 
"There is no higher god than Truth"
~Mahatma Gandhi~

Mahatma Gandhiji died before I was born and the only photos I have seen are black and white. So I decided to honor him on his birthday which is a national holiday in India with a graphite sketch.  His teachings on truth, non-violence and love are universal.  I especially feel the need for this message to be heard loud and clear today as we mourn the terrible tragedy in Connecticut. 

India Art Journal Oct 3 2012 by Meera Rao

I often walked past this tiny little store grandly named 'Classic Electricals'  with the colorful 'mixies' hanging or on a table on the sidewalk advertising the owner's proficiency in 'fixing the mixies' :)  I heard from my neighbors that he was indeed skilled in doing the repairs. 

India Art Journal Oct 4 2012 by Meera Rao 

Everyday from my  balcony I saw the ladies combing hair - each others or their own on their porch right across the street. The privacy of my higher up third floor apartment balcony emboldened me to sketch their various activities and I still feel somewhat guilty for recording their everyday acts. 

India Art Journal Oct 5 2012 by Meera Rao 

Drum roll please... here is my 100th sketch!  The night before there was a terrible storm and as I went on my morning marketing I came across these two men using a simple saw to cut the downed tree limbs right by the road.  I captured the scene on my camera and sketched them later in the day. 

The following are four sketches from my earlier post Bases for a sketch  getting their individual time in the limelight :) 

 India Art Journal Aug 3 2012 by Meera Rao 
India Art Journal Aug 4 2012 by Meera Rao 
India Art Journal Aug 5 2012 by Meera Rao
India Art Journal Aug 6 2012 by Meera Rao  


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh congratulations wonderful for you.

ashok said...

thats wonderful!

Meera Rao said...

Thanks Carol, I am grateful for the opportunities.

Meera Rao said...

Ashok, Thank you very much!

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

beautiful painting... i like gandhi's painting


padmaja said...

This is a wonderful accomplishment Meera, all the sketches deserve to be mounted, framed and displayed for more people to enjoy..hope you give a thought to it, congrats on this exhibiiton, lovely to see them all together!

Meera Rao said...

thanks Krishna, I am especially pleased with it too :)

Meera Rao said...

Padmaja, Thank you!I am still a bit surprised (but very pleased)that I was able to pull off a sketch/a day

Introverted Art said...

beautiful, beautiful...

Meera Rao said...

@introverted art, thank you very much! I really appreciate your comment :)

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