Monday, February 8, 2010

Lunch Break

I finished this painting yesterday. In most cities, there is at least one place like this where office workers take a break, reflect and enjoy the outdoors. I painted this in my head a few times before plunging into sketching and painting it using different water media on cold press watercolor paper. I am still wrestling with detailed vs loose and less is more. I am hoping some day soon my technical skills will catch up with my mental image of the finished piece :)

Speaking of 'reflecting,' I just watched an amazing video on TED on the 'uniqueness' of being a 'human.' Primatologist Robert Sapolsky offers an informative and hilarious look at human and animal behavior, ending the inspiring talk given at Stanford University by urging the new graduates with what resonates as Gandhiji's quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world." It is also interesting that he looks like the 16th century artist Albrecht Durer and peppers his talk with illustrations from the art world.

Lunch Break watermedia 9x12"


B said...


Atleast summer is here in ur dreams and in your colors. It warms the heart :)


meera said...

Thank you B! - your comments reminded me of a book my kids loved -- 'Fredercik' by Leo Lionni :

"While other mice are gathering food for the winter, Frederick seems to daydream the summer away. When dreary winter comes, it is Frederick the poet-mouse who warms his friends and cheers them with his words."-

Its a wonderful book and won all the major children's book award.

B said...

Thanks for the book recommendation got the book for Baby Av and another friend whose daughter has a birthday soon

meera said...

you are most welcome and thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories for me!

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