Thursday, February 26, 2009

Passion to Create

Today I spent my afternoon marveling very beautiful, extremely creative and colorful quilts at the "Mid Atlantic Quilt Show" in Hampton. The colors and textures in yarns and fabrics were indeed a feast to the eye and exciting to touch. The talent the quilters showed in selecting the materials and colors, designing the quilts, and the craftsmanship they displayed in sewing the pieces, without a doubt elevates them to status of artists. What I saw today is 'fabric art.' The pieces were truly innovative and labor of love. And the gadgets the vendors were selling were indeed fun to explore!
I have never quilted anything even though I have tackled various, often foolishly ambitious sewing projects over the years! But that was before I started painting. Unfortunately these days I rarely go to the sewing machine other than for repairs :( . The only quilt I have created is in watercolors in 'Welcome' (22x30"). I sketched the horse weather wane at an antique shop during a Dough Walton workshop a few years ago and decided to paint a quilt for the background. The resulting composition I think is whimsical. It was selected as a top piece of the week which made me very happy!

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