Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December Gifts!

Its amazing to see some flowers still blooming in December -especially after a hard frost.   We have a bunch of  purple and yellow pansies, white snapdragons, red camellias and even a few white and pink roses lending color to the winter landscape in our backyard while everything else is brown or bare. I find it truly inspiring to see such resiliency and beauty in these harsh cold winter months.
 The Snapdragons were painted a while ago in watercolors - freehand with no sketching. 


Heera said...

The flowers are beautiful Meera. I love the way the watercolors all blend in so well. I see lots of shades of green in there. Very nice!

meera said...

Thank you! That was a breakthrough painting in a way, along with the one on Iris - painting without sketching and planning everything which as somewhat of a control freak I tend towards ! Its exciting when I see comments like yours :)

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